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3% of all Children in the UK may have an undiagnosed common eye sight problem​

​Screening of School Children aged 4 to 5 years only happens in 55% of Local Education Authorities ​

​Current screening is a practical assessment and does not look at the mechanics of the individual eye ​

​Free optician run eye tests are available post Lions Screening to ensure that a formal diagnosis is in place ​

MD 105 has tasked Lions across the British Isles to continue being Knights of The Blind​

How it works

​The camera is a quick and easy way to screen a large number of young people in a short space of time​

​Each scan gives us one of two results Green or Red, this then allows Lions to give a Green or Red Letter to the young person’s parents ​

Both letters refer the parents to an optician – one for regular testing the other for a review in the following weeks​

Action Plan ​

Public Health England are currently look at approving our scheme (this is key to getting into schools)​

Training on the Camera Operators will roll out District by District once PHE has given approval 

Every screening will follow the same procedure, every time, to ensure continuity of screening​

What's happening now

Districts are currently raising funds to buy camera’s – some of these will be eligible for match funding from LCIF ​

Test Pilot Areas  ​

We identified three areas for a pilot of the cameras. After each event Lions completed a short survey.​

Colchester – 276 Children Screened​

25 Children referred to optician (9.1%) ​

Coventry – 84 Children Screened​

8 Children referred to optician (9.5%)​


Bournemouth – 310 Children Screened ​

40 Children referred to optician (12.9%) ​

What Next?

  • Fundraising for Cameras ​
  • Website goes live as soon as PHE approve project​
  • Training for all districts ​
  • A Pin badge for the Knights of the Blind – for those who​ complete the training ​
  • Continue to work with District Camera Leads ​
  • Two way communication between DG, Leads & Project Management Team ​

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