Gift for Living needs YOU

The Lions Clubs International A Gift for Living Trust is ‘our’ charity and has been working successfully in the countries of the Balkans for 25 years following the series of violent conflicts that took place between 1991 and 2001. 

Even before the gunfire died down our charity under the leadership of PID Phil Nathan was there bringing out babies and with the support of volunteer doctors and nurses from England, Ireland and beyond, taking the first steps to help rebuild the medical infrastructure of this stricken society.   

Thanks to support from Lions of the Multiple District, well trained doctors and nurses are now successfully treating up to 500 babies and 400 children each year.    

This project started to rebuild a devastated country, but it doesn’t end there, much more needs to be done. 

A school in Sarajevo for some 300 children with a range of intellectual disabilities needs our help to refurbish and repair the kitchen that has been condemned as being unfit for purpose (currently no hot food) and to finalise the dental surgery project (currently no dental care or oral hygiene). 

Women in the university hospital in Tuzla are relying on our help to finalise the surgical bed project that will give dignity and hope to those in need of modern gynaecological procedures. 

Refugee Crisis.  There are an estimated 23,000 displaced individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina fleeing someone or something, all desperate for a chance of a better life in Western Europe.  Local Lions Clubs have limited resources but are supporting where they can. 

In November 2018 A Gift for Living co-ordinated a vision screening project in Albania.  The target agreed with the Albanian Government was for 6,000 screenings.  A total of 7,200 people, both old and young were screened.  Two young girls were identified as being in need of surgical procedures which were successfully carried out in Novi Sad, Serbia one year later in November 2019.  Life-changing results for these two young girls. 

With your help and support we can continue with the work we have started – THANK YOU 

For more information please visit  or Tel: 0345 833 5062 

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